• Importance of Hiring a Licensed Plumber

    Americans have the habit of practicing strange double standards. When it comes to buying bathroom fittings, they will always choose the best available and high-end brand. And when they have to get installation services, they will choose just any random local plumber from the street corner.

    You might save some money by this, but the level and quality of work a licensed plumbing company will give you, nobody else might be able to. You might even face improper installation issue in the long run with an unlicensed plumber.

    A plumbing job might look like an easy job, but it needs some great skills and hard work. Thorough knowledge of tools and techniques is required along with the knowledge of basic plumbing such as drain lines, water lines, sewer and gas lines. You should have proper knowledge of maths and mechanics to fit the right parts at the right place. A local plumbing company must also have the required skills to work at odd locations and tight times and schedules.

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    It is because of these reasons that it requires great training and years to become a licensed plumber. Some states might also need some extra basic courses before holding the license test. Basic continuous education is given by some states so that the professionals may stay updated on building codes, equipment upgrades, and safety issues.


    In order to maintain a valid license for plumbing services, one must qualify and get a license issued for yourself. The plumber’s license is liable for any damages that are made during the plumbing work at the client’s home. Therefore the customers have the privilege to file a claim for any damage made by a plumber during the work. This claim does not hold valid for any unlicensed plumber. You do not get any money back or refund for hiring an unlicensed plumber. Whereas, some states have recovery funds that do consider your claims if you had your plumbing service done by a licensed plumbing company or plumbing company.

    Also, if you are a plumbing company with a license, you get full cover for any job-related injuries under your company insurance.

    Plumber Background check

    In order to qualify a license test, a local plumbing business has to pass some background checks such as a criminal background check. This is a very important point to consider because you can be tension free with a licensed plumber near you.

    You can also do it on your own. When a plumber comes to your home for local plumber service, ask him for a copy of his license, and call the number of the licensing board to verify it. Ask for and contact the references if you are looking to consider this plumber for a high-end big project. Reach out to platforms such as the Better Business Bureau to see if there are any outstanding complaints regarding the plumbing company or plumber.

    Why should you chose Aspen Plumbing 

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    Giving a family-friendly plumber service is one of our top priorities. Our plumbers will clean up any mess made during the task before leaving your home. You can contact us at 480.648.0508 to schedule a local plumbing company. You can also to schedule a plumber visit, you can also fill out the form at the contact page.

  • How to be prepared for a plumber visit- Tips

    Even if you are an expert in fixing all your plumbing issues at your home or business place, there comes a plumbing issue that can not be handled on your own. You would require a qualified plumbing maintenance service. If you feel any pipe repair is too much to handle on your own, contact a plumbing emergency company immediately.

    You must prepare your self for the plumber visit so that you can efficiently meet any urgent requirement on time. The guide here will help you to get the most benefit out of your plumber visit by helping you to be prepared beforehand:

    Look for any other plumbing issue 

    Look for any other plumbing issues throughout the house. If you find any plumbing problem, let your technician know. It might be possible that one water line problem can be related to another and thus both can be fixed at one time. Thus you can efficiently save your time and money.

     Contact a qualified plumber

    You can not just choose any random plumber from your street corner who does little water pipe repairs. In order to get the best results, you must trust only a certified and experienced plumbing repair service. When you contact a plumber, ask him if he has any qualifications or certifications in the field.


    Clear the area

    Remove any unwanted item or obstacle from the area that needs the plumbing repair. This will help the plumber to work with maximum efficiency. The technician might need access to the main water line, and thus do not forget to clear it as well. This will make sure that the technician is able to finish his work quickly and smoothly and any damage to your property will be prevented.

    Keep your pets away

    Keep your pets in a separate room or area. Pets might distract the plumber from his work and that might delay the water line repair. This will also ensure the safety of your pets from any sharp tools or equipment.

    Know the location of your plumbing

    Get prior knowledge of where is the main plumbing of your home located, like a water heater, water pipe, main water line and more. This will help the plumber to fix your problem quickly without having to waste time to find which connection is where.

    Aspen Plumbing is a plumbing repair company in Gilbert, Arizona. Our wide range of services includes drain cleaning, plumbing repair, water heater repair and installation, gas leak repair and installation and more. We believe in proving our customer loyalty by doing our work right at the first attempt with our experience of more than 50 years. We give a 2 years warranty on all the plumbing maintenance. Call our professional plumbers and get long-lasting plumbing solutions for the home maintenance.