• 7 Benefits Of Using Water Softener At Home

    If you are thinking to install a water softening system at your home, stop thinking and do it right now! Water softeners have very good benefits. To understand better, here are a few things you will get after a water softening service: 

    Reduced electricity bill

    Any pipes and appliances that use water to function, such as a dishwasher or coffee pot, work even more efficiently with a water softener. There is no limescale, which means there is no interference with heat transfer or clogged pipes. If the water heater uses soft water instead of hard water, 22%-29% less energy is consumed.

    water softener

    2-Increased life of pipes and appliances

    When limescale gets developed on pipe, galvanic corrosion occurs. This type of corrosion damages the surface of anything that is even slightly conductive to electricity. Therefore the life of the pipe reduces and you need to buy new expensive pipes. There are ions in hard water that form soap scum which is an insoluble salt. The marks it leaves can be removed by some hard scrubbing. Such hard scrub can leave marks on your item and damage it.

    3-Reduced need for soap with the water softener

    Hard water reduces the lather in soap or shampoo, therefore you need to use more of the soap or shampoo. When you use a water softener, the use of these products reduces by 70% to 75%. You can get a lot of lather from a lesser amount of soap.

    soap and shampoo

    4-Soft and bright fabric

    Minerals found in hard water get trapped in the fabric particles. This can make your clothes look stiff and dull. You can keep your clothes look new and bright for a longer time by using soft water.

    5-Watering plants become easier

    No one ever wants to use chlorinated water on plants. What some people do is they let water sit in a container for at least half an hour. This helps to drift out any chlorine from water. Then this water is used for watering plants. Whereas if you use a water softener, you can use the water straight from the tap to water your plants.

    6-The life of your sewer system increases

    If limescale settles in your pipe, it can reduce the diameter of your pipe by creating an extra layer inside. Thus water pressure increases and it may damage your sewer system. Water softeners can save you with this problem.

    7-Better health

    According to H.H. Mitchell, our brain and heart are composed of 73% water. Now you can think about how much water is essential for our body and if this water comes into the hard water form then health problems will start. A healthy life does not only comes with exercise and taking healthy foods but also drinking adequate amounts of water and if we don’t stop drinking Hard water then it can be dangerous for your health in the long run.

    Do you know that excessive intake of calcium and magnesium can promote the stone build up in the body? Calcium can cause an overgrowth of bone joints if we take in an excess amount of hard water for a long time. It can also result in rough throat and may change the white color of your teeth into yellow color.

    Use soften water only and drink water as much as possible because it has a moderate level of calcium and magnesium and this ability makes it good for your heart health, keeps your skin smooth and environment-friendly.

  • Why are Reverse Osmosis Systems so popular

    Today Reverse osmosis systems have become a great choice and are highly in demand. It is one of the perfect choices for a water filtration system. But before you buy one for your home, you must know what does this actually mean.

    What is Reverse osmosis systems?

    RO is the process of producing water that is free from any minerals or ions. This is achieved when the water is pushed with pressure along a semipermeable RO Membrane.

    home Rerverse osmosis systems

    In the process of Osmosis, molecules of a solvent are passed from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one through a semipermeable membrane. To be more simple in words, it is the migration of a weak saline solution to a high saline solution. This is similar to how the roots of a plant take up water from the soil.

    Semipermeable membrane

    Semipermeable membrane

    A semipermeable membrane will allow some molecules or atoms to pass through it with the help of diffusion. For example, let us consider a screen door. It allows tiny particles such as air molecules to pass from it, but bigger insects can pass through it. As another example, we can take a Goretex synthetic fabric. The fabric contains a very fine film of plastic in which millions and billions of tiny pores are cut. These pores are big enough to allow water vapor to pass through it but small enough to allow water through them.

    What are the benefits of having a reverse osmosis system?

    A better taste of water

    Reverse osmosis system removes any contaminants such as salt, particles, colloids, and others. When you install a reverse osmosis system at your home, you get water that tastes good and smells good as well.

    Water free from contaminants

    Reverse osmosis systems are capable of removing any contaminants from water such as pesticides, nitrates, fluoride, bacteria, sulfates, arsenic, pharmaceuticals, and others of similar way. If you have an RO system that has a carbon filter, then you get water that is free from chloramines and chlorine as well.

    It is easy to maintain RO systems

    There are very few moveable and replaceable parts in a reverse osmosis system for water filtration. This makes the cleaning and repair service of an RO system very smooth and hassle-free. Also, if proper care is taken of your RO system such as cleaning at regular intervals and changing filters, your RO system will last long. If maintained properly, your reverse osmosis system can last for as long as 15 years.

    Save money

    Now you do not have to invest a heavy sum of money in water delivery services to get safe drinking water. Install RO systems at your home and save money!