DIY Drain Cleaning and Why to avoid it

It can happen with anyone that you turn on the sink water and instead of going down the drain. It starts pushing up. You rely on many liquid drain cleaners you see in TV commercials but does it really work the way you think?

Those companies that sell drain cleaners will never tell you that the chemicals in it are very harmful to your drain pipe. All it “safe on pipes” claims are never completely true. If you want to use liquid drain cleaners to clean up small clogs, try to choose a natural enzymatic product. Natural enzymes will easily break up any organic material and bacteria that are clogged in your pipe. But these are good only for small clogs, they won’t remove any tough clogs. 

You can use the products as monthly drain cleaning and maintenance. For regular drain cleaning, we have some easy DIY solutions that will help you more than an expensive product.


DIY solutions for drain cleaning

Hot Water: Take a big pot of extremely hot water (make sure it is not boiling water) and pour it in the drain which you want to clean or unclog. After it, pour down some cool water to flush away the melted clog.

Vinegar and baking soda: Pour half cup of baking soda in the drain and follow it with a half cup of vinegar. Let it be there for at least a night. Pour hot water later on and flush the drain in the morning. You should do it at least once a month.

How to remove tough clogs

The best tools to clean up tough clogs are an auger or a drain snake as well as a cup plunger.

Snake or auger is a tool that will help to break up any drain clogs. You enter the snake’s thick wire in the drain pipe and turn its handle. This will prevent the wire from spinning in the pipe. As the auger hooks to the clog, you can pull the wire out and remove the mess.

A cup plunger is best for small clogs. First, pull out the sink stopper and see if the clogging problem resolves with this. If not, seal the overflowing sink opening to create a proper suction needed to plunge. Put the plunger completely over the drain and pour little water in the sink. Start plunging up and down. You will feel when the clog has loosened up as the plunger will become easier to plunge.

toilet plunger

Drain Cleaning Experts in Arizona

It is important to have the contact number of a reliable drain cleaning company saved in your contact list when the situation goes out of your hand. DIY can help you with small drain cleaning issues, bigger problems require the help of an expert drain cleaning company.

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